The orchestra from Nijmegen, Kladderadatsch started in 1974 to musically support social issues, aimed to improve the world by playing music. They played ‘non-adapted songs’, collected in ‘the yellow booklet’. After the roaring seventies and eighties, the orchestra chose for more musical diversity with jazz and improvisation, melancholic melodies and cherry chords. This summer, Kladderadatsch joins in a musical theatre show in the Ooijpolder (the Netherlands) and will subsequently make a tour to Riga.

All year round, you can hear and see Kladderadatsch at all types of parties and festivals, actions and events, either to open or close it, in art markets and parades. No doubt, they suit perfectly in september at the T&B Jubilee in Amsterdam.

De Tegenwind

Energy and emotion – that’s the motivation for this orchestra from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Tegenwind plays enthusiastic brass music with catchy rhythms to make your heart beat faster. The band, always playing with fun, touches and moves its audience. An exuberant, circus-like piece of music can easily alternate with modest ear-catching surprises or irresistible dance music. Besides home-made adventurous compositions, De Tegenwind also plays music from other continents. It travels easily from Balkan Beats via South-African music, all the way to Latin American themes.

When Tegenwind starts playing, the sun breaks through. They have kept that promise many times, so we count on them in september!

Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht

Inextinguishable for about 35 years, the Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht can still set the place on fire anywhere. The band is a popular guest on theatre festivals, parties, fests and manifestations. With subtle and intense performances they show up on many different and international locations: from Brittany to Romania, from the United Kingdom to Cuba. On barges or in concert halls, street corners or sound-proof studios, carousels or swimming pools; the Fanfare will always merry-go-round to lighten up the party!

Our joined-connections of music and Amsterdam, our hometown city, facilitate regular musical encounters. For T&B Jubilee, they will also contribute with delicious catering actions for all participating orchestras.

Tenth Avenue Band

Black-white-red will colour the streets when this orchestra is in town. And of course, in combination with their ear-catching repertoire of world music. Their home base in NewCastle and Gateshead, on both sides of the river Tyne, is directly linked with IJmuiden through the daily ferry. Due to all their travels around the world and by hosting orchestras, they made a lot of musical friends. Also in Amsterdam.

After T&B visited and enjoyed the Newcastle International Streetband Festival in 2003, it is about time to invite them back. In september the Tenth Avenue Band will be our guest at T&B Jubilee.

La Fanfare Invisible

Invisibility is the least of all qualities of La Fanfare Invisible – on the contrary! They show up on every occasion, starting in the streets of their home town Paris while celebrating a party or when it is required to stand up and demonstrate. With special attention for the support of the homeless. They strike against social injustice with ‘non-violent actions of musical attacks, treble clef terror and acoustic criminality’, according to their own composed manifest.

Since the start, the orchestra has build up a tight international network of street orchestras. In 2016, Toeters & Bellen joined the famous manifestation of the 1st of may at the Place de l’Opera in Paris. In September, you can hear, see and enjoy this ‘invisible’ brass band in Amsterdam.

IG Blech

IG Blech from Berlin has a long history as a street orchestra, claiming they are present where the action is. For more than thirty years, brass instruments and percussion play at demonstrations, streetfests and in memorable places. Because of their special combinations of all music styles, it is hard to fix them to a specific label. Their so-called HeavyMessingWorldMusic is a mix of swinging Brazilian samba, stamping African grooves, sun cracking calypso, pumping funky beats, lively-melancholic klezmer, spirited Macedonic Čoček, uptempo Napolitan tarantellas and rebellious Algerian raï.

In 2015, IG Blech hosted T&B in Berlin. In september they are present at our own party, T&B Jubilee.

Le Fat

The octal street band Le Fat, from Brittany, France, plays great funky grooves. And what do we know about them? According to a legend, there was a man, with a tattoo of a black cat, who convinced groupies at the end of the world to adopt the groove. What was his secret? All they had to do was listening to surfrock. They graved their own instruments from the pyrogenic rocks and embraced the strange music from the sea, overwhelmed by the sound of jazz, rock and funk from the west. Inspired by these sounds, they created their own tunes.

Curious? Listen and surf on Soundcloud and Youtube.

And in september live in Amsterdam!

Le Fat

Le FAT is een achtkoppige straatband uit Bretagne. Wat we van ze weten is dat ze ongelooflijk lekkere funky muziek maken. En verder? Volgens de legende was er een man met een tatoeage van een zwarte kat. Deze man heeft een splintergroepering aan het einde van de wereld bekeerd tot de groove. Hoe dat mogelijk is? Door ze te laten luisteren naar surfrock. Ze beitelden direct muziekinstrumenten uit graniet en omarmden de vreemde muziek uit de zee, die met een lange golf van jazz, rock en funk uit het westen kwam. Geïnspireerd creëerden ze hun eigen nummers.

Hoe dat klinkt kun je nu alvast horen op Soundcloud en zien op Youtube. En in september live in Amsterdam.


De Tegenwind

Energie en emotie – daar is het dit orkest uit Utrecht vooral om te doen. De Tegenwind maakt hartverwarmende blaasmuziek op aanstekelijke ritmes. Een band die met veel plezier speelt en die de toeschouwers ontroert, verrast en in beweging brengt. Een uitbundig, bijna circusachtig stuk wordt afgewisseld met een ingetogen pareltje of een onweerstaanbaar dansnummer. Naast avontuurlijke composities van eigen bodem speelt De Tegenwind muziek uit de hele wereld, van Balkan Beats via Zuid-Afrikaanse muziek tot Latin.

Als de Tegenwind gaat spelen, gaat de zon schijnen. Die belofte heeft dit Utrechtse straatorkest al vele malen waargemaakt. En daar rekenen we dus op in september bij T&B Jubilee in Amsterdam!

Tenth Avenue Band

Zwart-wit-rood dat zijn kleuren waaraan je dit straatorkest kunt herkennen. En natuurlijk aan hun vermakelijk brede repertoire aan wereldmuziek. Uitvalsbasis van de Tenth Avenue Band is NewCastle en Gateshead, aan beide oevers van de rivier de Tyne – met de veerboot in rechtstreekse verbinding met IJmuiden. Door hun vele reizen en hun gastvrije onthaal heeft deze band muzikale vrienden in de hele wereld. En dus ook in Amsterdam.

Na het bezoek van T&B aan het International Streetband Festival in 2003 werd het hoog tijd voor een tegenbezoekje. In september speelt de Tenth Avenue Band dus op T&B Jubilee.