About T&B Jubilee

Toeters en Bellen (T&B) have been playing music from every corner of the world for 25 years. We’ll celebrate this on September 15 to 17 with befriended orchestras from France, Germany, England and The Netherlands.

Together we will ensure a weekend full of solid sounds, rambling rhythms, blasts of brass, rocking reeds, measures in prime time and songs in many tongues. Come with us, crossing borders of outlandish music, and feel at home in Amsterdam.

On this jubilee blog, you can find:

Preliminary program of the International Street Orchestra Festival.

An introduction to the bands.

Nice tot know about our inspiring concert venues.

Photos from the rich history of 25 years of T&B.

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Preliminary Programme

Friday 15 september 2017

T&B Jubilee – On arrival
We start the international street orchestra festival off with a musical session together with the four international bands, who come to Amsterdam especially for the festival. After helping them get settled at Camping Zeeburg, we invite them for an evening meal, offered by members of Toeters en Bellen. After that: the sound of the music.

Saturday 16 september 2017

T&B Jubilee – On site
How about waking up in your tent by sound of music in the distance? It is possible at Camping Zeeburg. Some of the street orchestras play a free breakfast concert for all the campsite guests.

T&B Jubilee – On the streets
Of course we play out on the streets on this first day of the international street orchestra festival. We need no electrical amplification, we can play anywhere. We surprise guileless passersby with a snatch of music and seduce them to linger a while and enjoy the free music a for bit longer. Places, where the street orchestras will let themselves be heard are for example the court of the Amsterdam Museum, Fredriksplein, the cosy Zonneplein in the North of Amsterdam and Café Noorderlicht.

T&B Jubilee – On stage
At the stage of Paradiso Noord all the orchestras come together. Here we create an entertaining, miscellaneous and colourful party. Every orchestra provides for a part of the evening, and we present the outcome of the rehearsal on Friday night. Tickets for the jubilee night are available at a very fair price.

Sunday 17 september 2017

T&B Jubilee – On site
Again, some street orchestras treat their fellow campsite guests to a free concert.

T&B Jubilee – On board
Amsterdam, city of water. The jubilee will not be complete without a boat trip. The street orchestras board on boats, and sail a festive route through the canals, while playing for the audience on the quays.

T&B Jubilee – On screen
Tired but satisfied the orchestras return to Camping Zeeburg. There we show a famous Dutch movie, that every street musician must have seen: Fanfare by Bert Haanstra (1958).

Monday 18 september 2017

T&B Jubilee – On the road again
One final morning concert on Camping Zeeburg before every one returns to their own cities, to continue playing lots and lots of more streetmusic.